A Bit About Me

I'm Fiona!

I have worked with food all my life, in restaurants, food manufacturers, food retailers and in education - teaching food of course! This is my ‘now or never time’, I have always wanted to run my own business, now the time is finally right and I’m giving Sunbird my all. I can’t wait for you to try my products and I look forward to expanding the range as we grow and develop.


Why granola and overnight oats?

In 2017 I moved to California with my hubbie for work, we had an empty nest and a growing sense of adventure. We packed up 15 years of possessions and memories, put them in storage and moved to sunny Cali!

Once we touched down, I began working with an amazing female owned business, making believe it or not – granola! I learnt so much from one amazing woman, Sarah Lange at Bearclaw Kitchen. It was through Sarah that I gained the knowledge and experience to inform and shape my very own blends. And so, Sunbird Kitchen was born.

What’s in a name?

When coming up with the name, I had many conversations with my nearest and dearest, I literally would have been happy to call it Fiona’s Granola, a declaration that caused an uproar over the dinner table, so after another brainstorming session with my daughter, we landed on the Sunbird! This vibrant, energetic and nectar loving bird was the perfect parallel for what we are striving toward; and we take its keen and industrious attitude forward in our every endeavour. So, now that we have the name, I can focus on what I love – making super tasty and nutritious products that everyone can enjoy!

Why choose Sunbird products?

Well, I know I am biased, but Sunbird products are delicious! That goes without saying!

My granolas and overnight oats use organic and gluten free oats, free from harmful pesticides. Many brands do not. Whilst gluten free and organic oats cost a premium to buy - in my mind it is worth the extra spend.

Sunbird products are refined sugar free, my recipes use either raw honey, Canadian maple syrup or organic coconut sugar, as well as fruits for natural sweetness. The recipes are developed with a guaranteed maximum of 15% total sugars. I keep the sugar content low, with all products ranging from 10.9% to 14.9% total sugars. Compare that to the big brands, and you will be surprised to see some granola with a sugar content greater than 20%!

My granolas have a significantly higher nut and seed content to many competitors, for example: the Pecan and maple granola contains 20% nuts and 18% seeds. This makes them great for snacking.

All products are vegan apart from the Cashew and almond granola, which contains the very special honey - I buy direct from the beekeeper - in a top secret location in Devon!


Where can you buy Sunbird products?

My products are available direct to you via this website. You can also shop through Instagram and Facebook.

I also sell at Farmers markets and a few indie food shops - in London and Bristol  - check out my social media pages to find out which markets I am at and when.